Guitar Tricks Review

GuitarTricks Review: The Online Website That Teaches You To Play Guitar

There are a lot of websites on the Internet that promise to teach you something, but most haven’t been around since the late 1990s. Guitar Tricks promises its subscribers that they will be able to begin playing the guitar or get better at it when they use the lessons available on their website and was founded in 1998. That’s a remarkable length of time for a learning website on the Internet.

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That’s the first remarkable thing you need to know about Guitar Tricks. When a website lasts this long, it’s a sure sign that it is doing something right. Over the years, Guitar Tricks has refined its teaching approach and steadily added instructional videos. At this point, there are more than 11,000 lessons available to the students. That’s more than any other comparable website. In fact, it is practically unheard of.

Before Guitar Tricks, you could sign up for lessons with an instructor and prepare to be patient as you learn a few chords and notes. Or, you can head out to YouTube and try a haphazard approach to mastering this stringed instrument. However, if you sign up at Guitar Tricks, you can start at your own skill level and follow your musical inclinations while steadily improving.

guitar tricks reviewsStudents at the website cannot believe how much they are able to learn in just a short amount of time. The lessons feel like you have a friend sitting next to you pointing out the finer points of picking out chords. It’s an amazing way to learn a musical instrument.

Best of all, this massive collection of lessons is highly affordable. If you pay for a year in advance, your cost is less than $15 per month. That’s an incredible value. However, if you aren’t convinced, the website gives everyone that chance to try it out for free before you sign up.

Guitar Tricks might not be for you if you don’t have the Internet. However, by hooking up a smart TV or putting on a set of headphones, these lessons become increasingly interesting. It’s like they draw you in and don’t let you out until you have gotten significantly better at plucking away at the guitar.

This website is highly recommended for adults who have always dreamed of playing a musical instrument but never thought they could. You get the opportunity to practice on your own and once your subscription is paid for, there is unlimited access to lessons. It doesn’t get much better than that.

However, it may not be the best introduction for younger children unless an older student or an adult is willing to sit down with them as they work their way through the curriculum. Other than that, this website is a dream and one of the best ways for a beginner or even and advanced player to learn guitar.

I give Guitar Tricks my vote. It’s an exceptional value and is designed to work for almost every one.

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