A Guide On The Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Online

beginner guitar lessonsIf you want to learn how to play the guitar and want to use online lessons and websites to learn, then keep on reading. The truth is, in today’s digital and internet age, you no longer need to get a guitar tutor or go to classes in order to learn how to play the guitar. There are thousands of websites and online guitar programs that will help you to learn how to play from the comfort of your home. All you will need is a good internet connection, a computer, a guitar and some time to learn. Now, with that said, we will now cover some of the best sites and programs that you can use.

The first website that offers guitar lessons that we will look at is guitartricks.com. This website has a program that will teach you how to play the guitar from beginner to advanced. They provide free and paid lessons which you can gain access to once you sign up. Each one of the lessons on this site are very clear and are as though someone is actually there teaching you how to play. Guitar Tricks has over 600 popular songs which you can learn to play step by step. The instructors are also very caring and interested in their students, so you’ll never be bored and will learn at a faster rate.

Next, another popular site and program that you can use is JamPlay. This website is known as the leading video based online guitar lesson website since it has trained over 400,000 people to play the guitar. They have over 5,000 guitar lessons in high definition video and will teach you to play a wide variety of songs from metal music to country and everything in between. Once you sign up and pay $19.95 per month, you will have unlimited access to all of their videos and lessons so you can learn at any time and anywhere.

Next, we will look at some completely free options. One great site that you can use to learn is freeguitarvideos.com. This site offers high quality video lessons that show everything you need to learn as a beginner as well as blues guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, rock, country, jazz, bluegrass and much more. This is great since you don’t have to waste time learning music that you don’t want to and can focus on only playing the music that you like.

Lastly, the final free site that is highly recommended is justinguitar.com. This site has over 850 completely free guitar lessons that are suitable for beginner and intermediate players. It is a very simple and easy site to navigate and offers a wide range of songs and genres for you to learn at your own leisure.

In closing, if you are serious about learning how to play the guitar, then you should definitely go to one of the sites above and sign up or simply start learning. Once you put in the time, energy and practice, your guitar playing skills will surely improve and you will become a pro.