Easy Beginner Guitar Chorsd

beginner guitar chordsPicking up the guitar may be quite a daunting task. When you first learn about the chords, you might believe they’re impossible for you to play, or that it’ll be to uncomfortable to try and practice the hand positions. There’s no reason to worry, though – with dedication and practice, you’ll be able to master them in no time.

While indeed some chords can be tough for an inexperienced guitar player, don’t let that put you down – practice the easy ones, in order to get used to it, and soon the harder ones will appear more bearable.

A simple chord that’s used often in songs and extremely easy to learn is E minor, commonly represented by the symbol ‘Em’. In order to play it, use your second and third fingers on the second and third strings, at the second fret. This chord uses only the bottom five strings – so mute the first one or don’t play it.

If you have trouble visualizing the position, a simple online search will provide you with all sorts of guitar chord charts that you can use. If you can, print out a basic one, so you can practice without needing internet connection or a computer. Other easy chords to learn are G, D, Am, E, and A.

The first step after figuring out how to play chords is memorizing them. Once again, this comes with practice. Try to mentally repeat the name of the chord you’re playing as you play it, in order to make it stick in your mind – the next time you see that chord in a song, you’ll be ready to play it without looking it up!

Another important thing about learning how to play chords is practicing transitions. For instance, if you practice going from an E minor to a C major a lot, eventually it’ll become muscle memory, and you’ll be able to do it without looking at your hand or even thinking about it. Most skilled guitar players can move their hands into a chord as soon as they think about it.

Of course, simply strumming while changing from one chord to the other probably won’t be a lot of fun. If you simply try and practice chords, you’ll probably end up bored, and thus start practicing less and less, eventually giving up. This will do no good for your guitar playing skill – instead, look for songs you like that are easy to play.

When you manage to play one of your favorite songs, you tend to start playing it over and over again. Not only this will make it sound better over time, it will also improve your overall playing skill and make you feel good about playing the guitar. Perhaps you’ll play it to your friends, or record a video and post it to social media – giving you some extra motivation to keep practicing.

Repeating this is never too much: In the end, it’s all about practice. Information on how to play the guitar is available all around the web – if you carry on playing and look up things you haven’t learned yet, you’ll become great at it soon enough.