The Best Tips To Help You Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitar tipsLearning to play the acoustic guitar or any type of musical instrument is a highly valuable skill and hobby. If you love music and have a passion for it, then you will find that learning to play the guitar is relatively simple. Of course, in order to learn to play it well, you will need to put in the work and practice on a daily basis. So, in this article we will be covering a few tips to help you to quickly learn how to play and improve your guitar skills.

The first tip is that in order to speed up your learning process, you should hire an acoustic guitar tutor or find a beginner’s guitar class to join. Of course, you can learn to play on your own, however, it will take you much longer. If you get help from a tutor who is particularly good at teaching his/her students, this will help you to learn much faster. The reason being is that the tutor would know the fastest methods to learn certain skills as well as provide verbal feedback that is simply invaluable.

The tutor would be able to observe you while you are playing the guitar and immediately correct any issues with your technique and form. Also, a good tutor will be able to understand how you learn and tailor each lesson so that you learn at a much faster rate.

Next, in addition to learning from a tutor, you should also try to teach yourself. There are hundreds and even thousands of websites and YouTube videos that offer guitar lessons with many songs that you can learn. There is only so much that you can learn from a guitar tutor and in order to master more songs and broaden your knowledge, you need to actively learn on your own. By doing this, your guitar skills will improve by leaps and bounds and take you one step closer to mastery.

Now, when it comes to actually playing the guitar, one of the first things you will learn are how to play chords. It is relatively easy to learn the basic chords, however, the challenge would be to quickly and smoothly move from one chord to another. In order to play songs, you will need to learn how to move from one chord to the next in order for the song to flow. The only way that you can improve on this skill is to practice it and ensure that you are making the most efficient finger movements when moving from one chord to the next.

Lastly, a few other tips would be to ensure that you are pressing down properly on each guitar string and that you know how to position the guitar for ease of play. You should also ensure that your fingers are not too far from the fret and that you should also place emphasis on learning how to strum and do finger-picking.

In closing, we have just looked at some of the best tips to help you quickly learn to play the acoustic guitar. Once you follow the above guidelines, you will be playing like a pro in no time.

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Tips for Learning How to Play the Electric Guitar

electric-guitar-tipsWhile knowing how to strum away on the guitar and make sweet tunes is a dream for many people, on a few manage to turn that dream into a reality. Learning how to play guitar is a matter of setting goals, seeking a bit of help as you keep practicing, which apply to playing bass guitar, acoustic, or electric guitar.

While there a basics to playing guitar, each type of guitar does have its set of requirements in regards to how one can master playing the instrument. As such, picking up a guitar should begin with identifying a sound of a type of music then choose the appropriate guitar. Here are some tips for learning how to play an electric guitar.

ï The first step is to identify which music you wish to play. In the case of an electric guitar, you can do punk music or alternative music, and each has its unique sound hence the specificity in the type of guitar to choose.

ï Once you have your guitar, you need to get to know your instrument specifically, know how to hold it and other things that you need to make those tunes with your electric guitar. For this, you should ensure that you have a set of light gauge strings, several picks, an amplifier, a strap, a patch cord, and a foot switch.

ï Learn how to set up the amp, which is the sound output for the music your play. While playing the electric guitar is fun when done in high volume, blasting it a very high volume lead to distorted sound because the amp can pick up external noise for other electric devices. Hence, playing in high volume can produce a wicked amount of feedback that will be disturbing to the ears.

ï Mastering the electric guitar will need you to be creative regarding effects that are unique sounds activated by a foot switch or a stomp box. As such, unlike playing the acoustic guitar that only needs you to work your finger, the electric guitar will need you sometimes to use your foot to make the tunes.

ï Get a music teacher to help you learn some music theory and help your furnish the range of sounds that you can play. It is important to learn the chords, scales, arpeggios, and rhythms and using the stomp box to add a personal touch to what you play. Once you have the basics, focus on learning barre chords as you strive to upgrade to power chords.

ï Put what you learn into practice and freely experiment with new techniques. In so doing, you will create a unique style that you can hone and personalize. Think of the type of music you wish to major in, be it classical, hard rock, punk, electric, soft rock, garage, or any other sound that you want to experiment with and strum those strings.

ï An extra tips worth remembering is that music is an expression that can be borrowed and personalized. Get a few chords and riffs from top electric guitar players and learn how they play them. Practice and master those chords and riffs and then experiment with a few of your own creations.

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